Grand jury used in Trump-Russia investigation – BBC News

The special counsel investigating claims of Russian meddling in the US election has begun using a grand jury in Washington, reports say.
The move suggests Robert Mueller may be taking a more aggressive approach to gathering data on possible collusion with Donald Trump’s campaign team.
Grand juries are used to issue subpoenas to compel people to testify.
The president has again poured scorn on the inquiry, telling a rally in West Virginia it was a “total fabrication”.

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I use to think that there wasn't any individuals in the world more ignorent than Democrats, Republicans and mainstream media. Now however I have found 1. I hate to say it but nothing said in this video had anything to do with really what a Grand Jury is. Read the Magna Carter to find out for yourself.

Bill Clinton had so many xtramerital affairs which one you talking about. Oh the minor that is accusing him of rape on pedo island?

Russian money did go into one account, that would be Clinton Foundation Account

Evidence found was 12 million dollars paid for by Hillary Clinton and DNC to X British Spy to Russian operatives to find dirt on Trump. Trump Jr meeting has been scrutinized nothing there. And Obama had some ties with same people.

Well well.. Once again Trump proven correct lol Clinton and the DNC paid for the fake dossier. The FAKE BBC strike again !

bbc = the cuckery channel. It is now banned from my household.

Nice to see BBC is also pushing anti-Trump and anti-Russian propaganda. What is the cost of this racism and bias against Russian people and a American President that was elected by the working class people that actually pay the taxes that fund welfare and healthcare for the people that don't work as well as pay for their own family's food and triple cost healthcare. I wonder how the Russian people will fair through these sanctions that was forced on Russians just because Liberals lost the strangle hold they had on the American working people that stood up and voted for Trump.

As an American, seeing all these hateful Trump wannabes in the comments section is so cringey. If you all love Trump so much, come live in America 🙂 You can enjoy no healthcare, poverty, rampant racism & sexism, all thanks to the right-wing & Trump! The only people here who support Trump are obese, uneducated rednecks who don't know any better. Don't make yourselves look like idiots.

The audience behind trump , texas red nicks lol

Such hypocrisy. So what if Russia supported Trump? Better than WW3 with Clinton. Where's Grand Jury investigation into who, including Clintons, in USA was supporting Islamic terrorism against other countries?

Greatest loss alright…..

Propoganda excreted by the fake channel of the century. LOL

Michael Mariner

16 Years later and 'still' they Deny & Ignore 911..Or Hillary's endless list of Crimes against innocents,Corruption..
But By God they'll pull out ALL the stops (despite NO evidence in a year) to Look for any tiny morsel on Trump,Rotten!

Humphrey Bogart

This is the end of democracy in the US. Lavrentiy Beria, chief of the Soviet secret police, once said "You bring me the man, I'll find you the crime". Isn't it ironic that the hysterical progressives in the US wish to overturn the democratically elected US President using exactly the same Soviet methodology? Does anyone really expect the millions of US dollars spent on this witch hunt to turn up nothing at all? The great danger is that the American Trump voters will feel incensed and cheated when Mueller finally and triumphantly produces some shred of evidence that the vultures can gorge themselves on and rack up the sanctions against a nation, Russia, that is more civilised and cultured that the US will ever be. If progressives can bear to drop their pathetic ignorant and bigoted prejudices and actually listen to Putin's comments on Syria for example, they will learn about Russia's experience of Islam and that Russia, unlike the US, has a strategy to bring stability to the region. Russian collusion is a massive delusion which is distracting, destructive and destabilising. The world needs the opposite: sanity and stability.

No coaching is going to prepare Trump for a grand jury if called to testify

It is possible the Russians sell him out if they feel he didn't deliver what is presumed he promised…

Donald Family Trust is a business – the business of making money for the Family Trust. All the rest is just reality TV entertainment for the paying, yelling, tearing emotive mob.

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