Project Censored 2014:

Project Censored 2014:
… dismissed the connection between Monsanto GMO marketing practices of their seeds and the suicides. Ironically enough, Monsanto does cite lack of reliable credit as being a factor for why Indian farmers are not succeeding and thereby resorting to …
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International Day of Rural Women: Anjana's inheritance
Like the other 280,000 Indian small farmers who according to the Indian National Crime Records Bureau took their lives from 1995 to 2012, Kovdu couldn't stand the stress and the depression of the growing debt that grasped at his soul. In a report by …
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Women at Work: India's Eco-Feminist
The most significant threats have come from urbanization and corporate influence over government policies, which led to land grabbing and farmers' suicides. More than 284,000 farmers have committed suicide in India since 1995 due to debt. WSJ: How do …
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