57 paths to Putin

I started writing this because I thought it was important to have a clear list of what the hell is going on with the Trump – Russia connections. Some of these are just rumors or probably mean nothing (1, 22, 25, 31) but the sheer amount of Russian mobsters who have lived at Trump tower and the fact that 3 people have had to resign over connections to Putin is pretty alarming.

Honestly the thing that surprised me the most is the Abramoff connection. I’m beginning to think that the Russians partnered with the Republican party in the 1990s in order to build an alliance for reasons not yet known.

  1. His son in Law is Jared Kushner, the former owner of the Observer. The Observer received the DNC hacks from Guccifer 2.0 who is rumored to be a Russian agent.
  2. Jared Kushner’s parents were friends with Netanyahu who has forged an alliance with Putin.
  3. His Chief Strategist is Steve Bannon. Bannon is the CEO of Breitbart, with the Mercer family having majority ownership.  The Mercers, along with Bannon are heavily involved in Cambridge Analytica a data gathering firm. Cambridge Analytica’s parent company is SCL Group, which lists Dmitry Firtash as a board member. Breitbart and Bannon have extensive ties to the far right movement in Europe which is also funded by Putin.
  4. His second campaign manager is Paul Manafort who had to resign in August due to having questionable Russian ties like Dmitry Firtash and the former Ukranian President. Manafortlives in Trump tower, along with Kellyanne Conway and her husband.
  5. Firtash worked with Russian Mob Semion Moglivech boss to help Gazprom oversee Natural Gas distribution to Ukraine.
  6. Kellyanne Conway’s husband has business dealings with the  Russian government anddeleted tweets about it once Conway was chosen. (Conway, Bannon, and the Mercers are part of the “Council on National Policy” a secreteive far right think tank group.
  7. Trump sold his condo to Dmitry Rybolovev, whose private plane keeps showing up where Trump is. Rybolovev is a Russian billionaire with ties to Putin.
  8. There is a Pro-Russian Think tank called the Center for the National Interest (CNI). CNIBoard Member Henry Kissinger, former US Diplomat and current Putin confidante, has gotten close to Trump.
  9. Kissinger suggested both Tillerson and KT McFarland to Trump.
  10. Secretary of State Tillerson has many Russian business dealings through Exxon with Igor Sechin, head of Rosneft.
  11. The Dossier Christopher Steele created said that Igor Sechin along with Oleg Orovinkin were working on a deal to sell 19.5% of Rosneft to Trump in exchange for dropping sanctions. This deal relied on Carter Page, who resigned as a Trump advisor in September. After the election, a 19.5% deal went through, Oleg Orovkin was found dead in his car and the guy behind the Russian Hacking was arrested for treason in Russia.
  12. The Rosneft deal is definitely linked to Trump through a vast network of holding companies. The 19.5% was through a Singapore company using Caymans offshore accounts. QHG shares was the holding company of the 19.5% sale. QHG’s disclosure form stated that it used to be called CATALPO PTE, but no such company existed. Perhaps they did that to confuse people. Anyways, a company with the same information called CATALPA PTE did exist though. Catalpa shared an address with the Intertrust Group. Intertrusts filing shows an affiliation with Walkers Global which is the affiliation used to incorporate QHG. Intertrust is owned by the Blackstone Group.  If that name seems familiar, it is because Blackstone CEO is Stephen Schwarzman, one of Trump’s senior economic advisors.  Uncovered thanks to this amazingTwitter user 
  13. The Blackstone Group was cofounded by Stephen Schwarzman and CNI Board Member Peter Peterson.
  14. The Dossier also claims Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to meet with Russians, which he denied. Recently, it came out that he was working with Felix Sater to broker a Ukranian-Russia peace deal. Cohen, Sater, and a member of the Ukranian Parliament, Andreii Artemenko sat down for dinner to discuss Ukraine, Russia, and sanctions.
  15. Alex Oronov working with Cohen and Artemenko developed the plan which they planned on leaving on Michael Flynns desk until he had to resign. Oronov mysteriously died at the beginning of March.
  16. Felix Sater claimed to be a Senior Advisor to Trump , which Trump claimed not to remember.  Sater had his own office in Trump Tower. Sater has been connected to organized crime and his father is in the Russian Mafia
  17. In order to finance Trump SoHo, the Bayrock Group formed a tax evading partnership with Icelandic FL-Group. Trump had to sign off on this deal.
  18. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross invested 500 million in the Bank of Cyprus and is on the board of directors. This is where Putin launders his money. Dmitry Rybolovev (7) is the largest shareholder at this bank,  and another Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg is the second largest shareholder.
  19. Putin’s propaganda news station Russia Today has frequently had Michael Flynn, CarterPage,  and Sebastian Gorka on it.
  20. Carter Page was named as a foreign policy advisor because Jeff sessions Chief of Staff, Rick Dearborn found him.
  21. Stephen Miller is Jeff Sessions former aide and is friends with Neo-nazi Richard Spencer. Spencer has ties to European far right groups and is married to a Russian Propagandamouthpiece.
  22. Trump friend Roger Stone is in contact with Julian Assange who runs wikileaks, who also hacked the DNC and provided leaks to Russia today. Stone is also partner in a lobbying firm with Paul Manafort
  23. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos is the sister of mercenary Erik Prince. Erik Prince is running all over the world helping dictators suppress Muslims. He is a Breitbart contributor, a Pence supporter and a Trump advisor.
  24. Prince is connected to John Ashcroft through Constellis Holdings, as Constellis owns Princes old company, Blackwater. Ashcroft has defended Lord of War Victor Bout, a Russian connected to Igor Sechin
  25. Prince also used to work for House Rep Dana Rohrabacker, also known as Putin’s Favorite Congressman and one time time consideree to be Trumps secretary of State.
  26. Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn violated the Logan Act by discussing lifting sanctions with The Russian Ambassador pre-inauguration. He also met with Austrian Neo-Nazis working with Putin.
  27. Trump Tower housed an office of Alfa Bank which had a private server communicating with companies like Spectrum Health,  which lists members of the Devos Family as Board Members.
  28.  Richard Burt, a Republican Lobbyist and CNI Board Member sat on the board of Alfa Bank. He worked for the Trump Campaign while lobbying for Russian State owned Gazprom
  29. Trump threw Miss Universe with Putin-Connected Oligarch Aras Agalorov and had Alex Sapir/Rotem Rosen as guests
  30. Alex Sapir is the son of Tamir Sapir, and they own condos in Trump tower. Sapir and his organization partnered with Bayrock on plenty of Trump condo projects. Alex’s sister married Rotem Rosen, a former lieutenant for Lev Leviev
  31. The Bayrock Group was founded by Tevfik Araf, and housed in Trump Tower. Araf hired Felix Sater as his C.O.O.
  32. Michael Caputo, who helped run Trump’s NY primary, lived in Russia in the 90’s and wasContracted by Gazprom to improve Russias image in the United States.
  33. Ivanka Trump is close friends with Putin’s rumored girlfriend Wendi Deng.
  34. Ivanka is also close with Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich and his wife. Here is a photoof them together (also with Wendi Deng) Abramovich owns the steel company building the pipelines recently approved
  35. The Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin died on 2/20. He invited Trump to Russia in 1986.
  36. Vadim Trincher, who lived in Trump tower ran a gambling ring out of Trump tower on behalf of Russian mafia don Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov
  37. Lev Leviev is a Putin friend. Not only has he had multiple business dealings with Jared Kushner and the Bayrock group (Felix Sater and Tamir Kapir) but he also works with Netanyahu on settlements.
  38. Russian-Canadian Alex Shnaider partnered with Trump on a building project in Toronto. Shnaider partnered with Ukrainian Billionaire Eduard Shifrin to form a holding company called the Midland Group. Shiftin was recently given Russian Citizenship by a Putin presidential decree. Alex’s father in law Boris Birshtein is associated with the Russian Mafia.
  39. Semion Mogilevich is the head of the Russian mafia. In the 1990’s, he started a fake company with Jacob Bogatin as the CEO. Jacob’s brother David owned 5 separate condos in Trump tower at one point and is well known as part of Mogilevich’s key members.
  40. Mogilevich key lieutenant Vyacheslav Ivankov also lived at Trump tower.
  41. Jack Abramoff may be where it all starts. Russian Oil and Gas company NAFTAsib formed a shell company called Chelsea Commercial, which only listed Abramoff and Patrick Pizzella as lobbyists when it was created.  The purpose of Chelsea was to promote Russian oil and trade interests in the United States.  It also underwrote the trip Tom Delay  and Ed Buckham made to Russia with Abramoff.  Pizzella also happens to work for Trump. Buckham formed the Alexander Strategy Group to help the US Family Network funnel its money received fromNaftasib. The US Family network was primarily a vehicle consisting of Buckham, Delay, Ralph Reed, CNI Board Member Grover Norquist and Abramoff. All of these people have been members of the Council on National Policy over the years.
  42. Don McGahn, White House Counsel defended Tom Delay on charges of a Russian Pay . Delay, along with Jack Abramoff, Buckham, and Ney met with Viktor_Chernomyrdin, former head of Gazprom.
  43. Former Senator Conrad Burns was also taken down by the Abramoff Scandal, and he had positive things to say about Putin. Burns passed away weeks before Trump announced his presidential run.
  44. Patrick Pizzella was recently named Acting President of the Federal Labor Relations Authority.
  45. Pizzella and Abramoff organized many trips for conservatives to the Marianas. During one trip, Pizzella had Kellyanne Conway show up . If that is not enough, Conway and Pizzela are both on the Center for National Policy board
  46.  Alexander Strategy Group’s main lobbyist was Paul Behrends, former National Security Advisor to Dana Rohrabacker and family friend of Erik Prince.  He is the Current Staff Director for the House Foreign Affairs committee.
  47. Abramoff partnered with Charlie Black (of the lobbying firm Black, (Paul) Manafort and (Roger) Stone)  in the 80s to work with brutal African dictators.
  48. Sebastian Gorka worked for Viktor Orban, a Hungarian authoritarian leader close to Putin,before moving to the United States to work for the Republicans. Now he works for the Trump White House.
  49. Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, widely regarded as Russia’s top spy, was revealed to havemet with Attorney General Sessions twice last year in his capacity as a Senator. He also met with Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn in December.  Also, when the Republicans removed anti-Russia language from the Platform at the convention? It was because Trump advisors Carter Page and JD Gordon met with Kislyak.
  50. Trump advisor Rudy Guliani lobbied for Rosneft
  51. Jim Baker lobbied Trump to nominate Tillerson as Secretary of State, possibly because of the fact that his firm represents both Exxon and Gazprom/Rosneft
  52. The Former head of Yukos is a Trump backer and campaign donor.
  53.  CNI Board Member David Mccormick is an executive at Bridgewater Associates where James Comey served as General Counsel prior to joining the FBI.  They also both worked in the Bush administration, albeit in different cabinet departments.
  54. CNI Board Member Jon Huntsman is in the running to be ambassador to Russia.
  55. CNI Board Members Dmitri K. Simes and Paul Saunders have hosted events Trump has spoken at, and Simes has been referred to by Putin as his American Friend
  56. Donald Trump met with Ambassador Kislyak during the Presidential Campaign, which looks like nothing until you remember he had previously denied any such meetings.
  57. Trump ally David Clarke visited Moscow the same week as Michael Flynn.  His trip was paid for by a Russian gun rights group headed by Maria Butina and also included several NRA heads. Butina is close with long time Republican strategist Paul Erickson

I took the leaked membership directory from the secretive Council for National Policy in 2014 and mapped it out. These are the people who own the Republican Party. Some of the connections to Russia surprised me.